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Tracking and analyzing all changes in tax law on an ongoing basis is not only difficult, but also time-consuming. In fact, it is a big challenge even for companies with their own tax departments. Misinterpretation of the rules or lack of awareness can cost a lot and ultimately undermine financial stability. That is why it is worth taking care of the tax security of your company.

The solution that will ensure the maintenance of your company’s tax security is cooperation with an experienced and qualified tax advisor who will provide professional support in the correct understanding of the law. A tax consultancy expert will help you to consider the effects of tax changes in the long term, thanks to which you will be able to safely grow and develop your business.

Key responsibilities

  • Preparing tax returns, payments and reports.
  • Offering tax accounting advice.
  • Identifying tax savings and strategies.
  • Maintaining knowledge of industry trends.
  • Forecasting tax predictions.

Skills needed for this role

The accountant must have exceptional attention to detail and excellent analytical skills. They must also have strong time management skills to work within tight deadlines as well as excellent interpersonal skills to work effectively with clients, both internal and external.

Consulting services price list

Preparation of a business plan

$2,500 - $5,000

Development of an economic model


Business valuation


Intellectual property valuation

$750 - $2,500

Trademark and brand valuation


Financial outsourcing

$200 / hour

Feasibility study of roads

$250 / hour

Career opportunities presented by this role

Tax accountants can follow different paths and work in a variety of environments. These specialists can work with individuals, small businesses or large multinationals. This can be internal to the company or in practice to an accounting firm or tax specialist. In practice, organizations often have tax-focused partners.

Questions and answers

  • What industries do you specialize in?

    We are proud that we can quickly learn the basics of virtually any industry and technology. Some of the markets we serve include green tech, medical devices, internet / e-commerce, real estate, etc.

  • Can you guarantee our plan will raise capital?

    Our mission is to offer a full spectrum of business support services. We offer accounting, audit and consulting. For us, work is a passion, only with this sense we can develop and provide services at the highest level.

  • Do we really need a business plan?

    We will implement a marketing strategy for your brand. If you would like to achieve more but you do not know how. We will define new directions of your branding development using the latest knowledge.

  • What problems business consulting solve?

    We will optimize your sales funnel, review how you acquire customers and suggest how you could do it more effectively by attracting more of them or by persuading them to buy more.